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Seamlessly integrate technology into your world language classroom without the overwhelm.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • I’ve always been hopeless with technology - everything always goes wrong.
  • I can’t keep up - technology changes too quickly.
  • It's a struggle getting students to speak & write in the target language.
  • It's hard keeping my students engaged, motivated, and on-task.
  • My students don't seem to retain what they learn.
  • Too many preps and too little time to prepare effectively for them all.
  • The kids know more than I do.
  • I need to incorporate tech but I don’t want to rewrite my entire curriculum.
  • I want to use technology with my students but I want it to be meaningful.

Trust me, you're not alone!

Almost EVERY teacher has felt frustrated with technology at one time or another.

You don't want to waste time struggling with technology but you DO want to keep up.

You only have so many hours in the day and it's hard to find the time (and energy) to stay on top of it!

Language teachers I've worked with over the years just want the same thing:

Software explained simply, with NO tech-speak.

Practical and innovative language lesson ideas for using language tech resources.

Help navigating software, app and device choices (it can be overwhelming, right?!).

Many language teachers have told me they are stuck and don't know where to turn for help.

What if I told you:

You could easily learn up-to-date software and technology that would change the way you teach your classes.

You could take online on-demand courses at a time that suits you.

And you could earn professional development certificates while you do it.

PLUS save valuable time by training at your own pace when it's convenient for you!

Save Time & Cut to the Chase

Avoid sifting through countless Youtube videos and online tutorials to find the information you need.

This all-in-one membership, community, and program will save you time by cutting to the chase. Training is designed especially for language educators working with students.

Access Innovative Lesson Resources

In addition to online language tech training courses, the WLTTA community includes innovative teaching ideas.

There are tons of done-for-you, no-prep resources to help you incorporate technology into your World Language classes.

Learn at Your Own Pace

All of the courses and training materials are available ALL of the time. Learn at your own pace, at a time that suits you - whenever and wherever you'd like.

Explanations are in plain English (no "tech-speak") and no prior knowledge is assumed.

Imagine the difference this will make in your classroom!

Say hello to the

World Language Teacher Tech Club

All-Access Community

Take a look inside:

The World Language Teacher Tech Academy All Access Club is an online community where world language, technology professional development, lesson ideas, and accountability come together.

As a member, you have unlimited access to ALL of our current and future courses and Resources!

Get instant access to done-for-you, no-prep resources you can start using in your classroom right away.

Resources include:

You can use the resources just as they are, or edit them and make them your own, regardless of what language you teach.

  • Digital Interactive Notebooks
  • Pixel Art Language writing activities
  • Cultural Calendar Talks
  • Tik Tok Database
  • Interactive Games
  • Over 100 Brain Breaks
  • and so much more...

Original Price: $1,473

Get started now!

"Rachel's webinars have been a game changer for me! Not only have I been able to incorporate ways to give my students immediate feedback, to speed and simplify grading as well as, free up valuable class time. The methods she so clearly shared will speed up my lesson preparations for years to come!"

Dori Davis, French 1 & 2 Teacher, OKC, OK

Save Time and Avoid Tech Headaches!

Take online World Language tech courses at your own pace, a time that suits you.

Get daily support and advice from friendly experts & fellow World Language teachers.

Avoid tech overwhelm with simple & easy to follow step by step explanations.

Professional development certificates are provided for all training.

Get instant access to No-Prep resources you can use right away with your language students.

Meet Your Instructor

Hi I’m Rachel Lucas, I have been a Spanish teacher for over 17 years. I have taught high school, online, and currently middle school. The one constant I have experienced is extremely large class sizes. With class sizes over 50 students per class; I was over-worked and overwhelmed. I knew I needed to find ways to save time and meet the needs of my students.

I have learned how to leverage technology to save time and engage my students. Now I love teaching again!
I am now passionate about sharing what I have found works with other World Language teachers.

I Created the World Language Teacher Academy and Tech for World Language teachers communities to help other World Language teachers learn how they too can leverage technology to save time and engage students in their World Language Classrooms.

What teachers are saying...

"This has been a lifesaver for me!"
-Pam R.

"Thank you, Rachel Lucas, for a great webinar! I have so many new ideas to try!"
- Nicole Foushee Hauser

"Thank you! I really appreciate your webinar and all the work you put into it. I will be working on my website this weekend."
- Lena Quaintrelle Fry Rivera

"I learned so much from your workshop!"
- Lureen Delaney-Burke

"I am so appreciative of these excellent trainings Rachel has provided. I look forward to more of these trainings, and implementing the resources this Fall! Thanks Rachel for all your hard work!"
- Loreta Youssef

 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the World Language Teacher Tech Academy All Access Club?

The World Language Teacher Tech Academy All Access Club is an online professional development community for World Language teachers who want to learn how to use technology effectively with their students. The World Language Teacher Tech Academy All Access Club: provides anytime, anywhere, World Language technology training, lesson ideas, accountability and hand-holding (for those that want it!) - especially for World Language educators. In addition, to Professional Development, we offer N0-Prep Resources & Games for your World Language Class.

How long is the membership for?

The membership is available on a monthly subscription basis. You may cancel anytime. Once you join the World Language Tech Teacher Academy All Access Club, you will have ongoing access to all courses and Resources for as long as your subscription is active.

Our membership program gives you unlimited access to all of The World Language Teacher Tech Academy Courses/Resources, including all of our future courses and Resources.

Are you ready to save time planning, grading, and teaching?

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